Would you like to be a registered reseller of Beyond Borders Imports?

Our opening order is $1,000 for Furniture and $500 for Home Décor, and we ship from Louisiana for all warehouse orders. All orders over $1000 are capped with a 15% freight cap. Container orders are offered as 20ft and 40ft HC containers, and container pricing saves you ~25% from the Stocking Dealer Price.

Please fill out our Reseller Application – upon approval, a sales representative will contact you and grant full access to our website and product pricing.

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What we believe

The craft of handmade furniture should be preserved.
(Our table legs fit on one table and one table only.)

Products should be reasonably and affordably priced.
(We like being able to afford our own furniture.)

Ordering requirements should be minimal.
(Who wants 10 of the same item anyway?)

A huge variety of products should be offered by one company.
(Or you can deal with 20 different vendors if you like ?)

New designs should continually be created and added to the furniture line-up.
(What can we say? We get bored easily!!)

Customized finishing should be offered on all products.
(Your store is unique, and custom finishes are important to create YOUR look!)

What we offer

Over 500 Unique Furniture designs

Over 100 Home Decor designs

20+ Paint Colors and 8 Stains Options

5 types of wood
(Indonesian New Teak, Reclaimed Teak, Mahogany, Acacia and Boat Wood)

Sustainable Products such as Bamboo, Abaca, Rattan, etc.

Reclaimed Items and One-of-a-kind Pieces, Including Old Windows, Doors, Shutters, etc.